We at Purple soil technology ventures Pvt. Ltd are innovative team of dynamic professionals and our principle is "you never get a second chance to make the first impression" and we could help you at making your first alley towards bonding with your clients.


We build connections

Wireless technology connects people, devices and networks throughout the world. We help make that possible. Our multi-tenant leasing model offers communications sites that bridge the communication gap,keeping people and industries connected and in touch.

We get your signal on air

Purple Soil sites house cellular and microwave communication equipment. Our towers support the networks of almost all mobile service providers, helping them increase their coverage and capacity.

We are more than towers

Where network connectivity is necessary and towers are not available, we provide a number of alternative in-building and outdoor solutions. We help keep people and businesses connected no matter where their activities take them.

We grow to meet demand

The demand for mobile device connectivity is exploding and more sites will be necessary to keep people connected. We, at Purple Soil, have anticipated this need and are growing our portfolio so we can satisfy the needs of customers in India and abroad.

We are a long-term partner

Our business is based upon long-term relationships with our customers, property owners and investors. We are a company committed to developing shared success with our partners. We are grounded in the needs of today but are always looking forward and planning for the needs of tomorrow.


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  • Home Smart Solutions
    Our company specializes in innovative solutions which are different from the existing tower sharing concept. We play host to telecom service providers by acquiring and deploying greener pole sites or the traditional RTT sites.
  • Commercial Smart Solutions
    our company provides services in terms of infrastructure provisioning for Poles, Towers and Optical Fibre to Telecom Operators in niche areas. We are in the business of installing Roof Top Towers and providing the same to telecom service providers on a sharing basis.
  • City Smart Solutions
    our company provides services in terms of infrastructure provisioning for Poles, Towers and Optical Fibre to Telecom Operators in niche areas. Since it is not possible to erect regular network towers etc atop flyovers/bridges we have spearheaded the concept of Poles for telecom infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure Smart Solutions
    We enable Telecom Operators to host their active equipment at our sites by providing space in shelters and optimum heights for mounting antennae on towers. We bring benefits to our customers through infrastructure sharing.

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